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Talking with Padma Chebolu

Barb Nieman, Corporate Employee Communications P&G
Published on December 7th, 2005

World Cultures Media is a non-profit organization providing the global community
with a unique and honest perspective about Cincinnatian and global life styles,
events, arts, the environment, health, social responsibilities, human rights, culture
and much more. The organization, founded by Cincinnati-based Padma Chebrolu,
is an all-volunteer effort. She came to Cincinnati from India as a graduate student
and then joined Procter & Gamble.

Why did you start World Cultures Media?
I wanted to see stories that opened my mind and heart to cultures and people of the world. The media industry spends billions of dollars on programming and maybe one percent of it has substance. I want to see shows that I can watch with my family to make us think and learn. I know there are many people like me out there. From my experiences in Cincinnati, I know that this is a place where local and global families thrive, enjoy, and connect to create the richness that is Cincinnati. I wanted to highlight this wonderful aspect about the city. This is a small step in the direction of social consciousness and global perspective.

How did you put this idea into action?
In May 2005, I spoke about to my mentor, Denise Andrews who has been a great inspiration and supporter behind the effort. Additionally, many people both within and outside P&G have helped. I moved to the US and have been given opportunities for education, artistic excellence, employment, and a great environment to raise a family. I just wanted a way to say thank you and to give back to our community.

I came up with an innovative concept to connect people through new mediums. Our shows are available to both local and global viewers. So we have shows not only on the TV channels of Greater Cincinnati but also on the website as streaming video.

We started broadcasting in August 2005. Our website is receiving traffic from many countries already. Currently we present about a 30 minute segment weekly. Future possibilities are endless.

How is the response so far?
Overwhelming! In November 2005, Chief Information Officer Filippo Passerini agreed to provide funding for this effort. Several other local corporations and organizations also want to learn more and become part of this effort. Many P&Gers have been guests on our programming. Affinity groups such as Multi Cultural Multi National, an IDS group are working closely with me. I am excited to see all the energy and encouragement.

Could you describe some of the shows you have created so far?
Our most successful program concepts are; Thinking Differently, Welcome to Cincinnati, Mother Earth, World Beauty Trends, and The Artist. We highlight positive role models and bring awareness.

What are your future plans for World Cultures TV?
Several people have suggested that this kind of programming should be shown at our schools and universities and on mainstream media venues. As we create our future programs, the educational aspect, scale, and impact will be a top priority. Our programming will be designed, packaged, and delivered in the most creative and informative way  possible to reach local and global audiences.
Padma Chebrolu
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