Guests from Bi-Okoto Drum & Dance Theatre
and School of African Cultures

In the next few minutes, you will be watching a show on West African Music and Dance. You will be meeting two very special people, Jeaunita Olawe and Adebola Olawe.

Jeaunita Olawe is an American girl who found her passion and love in African dance.  She made a life and a living out of it. She is a mother and a passionate dancer. She is the principle dancers of bi-okoto drumming and dance company based Cincinnati. In this show she will talk to us about the culture, music and dance and what it means to her.

Adebola Olawe is from a Nigerian royal family who believes in the American dream and made it come alive in his life. He is a drummer, dancer, actor, play writer and of course an IT consultant. His life’s ambition is to bring more awareness about great art forms of Western Africa.
West African Music & Dance

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